Ever since we started out, our group has aimed to offer our customers both technical and human skills in the following fields: subtitling, image and sound postproduction, broadcast, video and digital delivery, film restoration, high definition, digital cinema, film dubbing, 35mm film printing laboratory...
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Our companies


  • Multimedia lab.
  • DVD, Bluray, VOD
  • Color grading and restoration
  • Subtitling
  • SD / HD Restoration
  • Air-conditioning and standart storage


  • Laser subtitling
  • HD and digital cinema
  • Projected subtitling (PMS)
  • Audiodescription
  • Closed captioning
  • Film dubbing
  • 35 mm film printing
  • DCP
  • Digital distribution

Video Laboratory

  • Video laboratory
  • Editing
  • Restoration
  • DVD & multimedia
  • Dubbing and Subtitling

R & D

  • PMS, Projected subtitling
  • Visiolan, digitized film content viewing solution
  • R & D


  • multilingual dubbing
  • video laboratory
  • Subtitling
  • audio / multimedia laboratory

=> CMC

=> LVT

=> RGB

=> Monal Systems

=> Mediadub

Image postproduction
film and TV fiction

  • Dailies management
  • Virtual editing
  • Conformation
  • Digital garding
  • Returns processing
  • DCP encoding
  • Digital video laboratory

Sound postprod.
film and TV fiction

  • sound editing
  • recording
  • mixing
  • time scaled processing
  • sound spatialization
  • optical transfer
  • mastering
  • rerecording
  • Parter with

catalogues & ARCHIVES

  • film laboratory
  • image restauration
  • sound restauration
  • access and preservation

photochemical laboratory

  • 35 mm film printing
  • 35 mm et 16 mm film development
  • Traditional postproduction

=> Digimage

=> Red Mountain

=> Digimage Classics

=> Digimage Le Lab


LVT Mexico

  • Subtitulaje laser

Start Polska

  • Dubbing
  • Voice over
  • Post synchronizacja

=> LVT Mexico


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LVT - Digimage - RGB - Monal Systems. Our video Laboratory offers its customers sound postproduction, subtitling, DVD premastering services.

At CMC, we are proud of our state-of-the-art technical platform where we offer a complete range of image and sound postproduction services. In alliance with LVT, DIGIMAGE, RED MOUNTAIN and RGB, we are part of the Monal Group, established in France as a high quality service provider and an official partner of the International Cannes Film festival. We serve producers, rights sellers, broadcasters, programme owners both in France and abroad, major household names and emerging producers in film and television industry.

At this age of digital cinema technology, we are, at the same time, a subtitling company, masters in DVD production, digital restoration and intervene on major works for Dolby e encoding or jpeg 2000 encoding according to production needs. LVT provides a range of subtitling methods: Laser, HD and projected subtitling using state of the art equipment developed by the Monal systems. For all your digital cinema needs, DIGIMAGE is specialised to meet all your digital postproduction requirements, offering its services for advertising, TV and feature length films.

Developing alongside advancing technology, the Monal Group brings together old and new generation post production technologies, allowing the transfer of video and film formats to reach new audiences, provide virtual editing, vari speed, apply VFX and SFX special effects techniques and create quality voice overs thanks to our skilled teams of technicians, translators and high performance equipment.

We invite you to discover more about our image and sound postproduction, HD mastering and subtitling services. Discover more about our laboratory, R& D department and learn more about the Monal group companies, a true alliance of skills ensuring we offer a complete and top quality service.